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6 Tips for Writing Successful on-site Web Content

1. Know your audience
By defining your audience, from their location, occupation, even marital status, you can create successful content which will appeal to them.

2. Research
By researching your topic, you can rest assured in the knowledge and information you’re imparting to your audience.

3. Be Concise
Content you produce should be concise and easy-to-read on a variety of devices. Unless you’re producing white papers for a sector, general customers rarely have the time to scroll through bulky paragraph of text.

4. Tone of Voice
Your tone of voice should be informative and familiar, and it should never be patronizing or assuming what your customer may or may not know.

5. Avoid Jargon
Even if you’re targeting a very specific genre or industry sector, it’s wise to remember avoid jargon-heavy content. It can include specialized terms within a sector which may be difficult to understand

6. Optimize
It’s no use having the perfect on-site content if no one can find you. While it may be commonplace to optimize blog content with focused keywords, you need to remember that your website copy also needs to be available for Google’s search result to find.


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